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New Arabic Mehndi Designs 2013 | Hand & Feet Mehndi Collection 2013

 Mehndi Designs 2013
The ancient art of Mehndi is widely used in traditional and cultural events since its evolution for Decorating  Hand & Feet.Different part of World Use Various Techniques to decorate Body parts with Mehndi.Many use Electronic technique to fetch tattoos on body or other use Mehndi patterns to save time and other use paint by cones.Mehndi Art is Famous in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan or other Muslim countries but now even popular in United States.
Mehndi Art exist since 12th century and its believed that Arabic people brought Henna art in India and Asian countries.Mehndi Symbolize fertility and people use Mehndi paste to decorate Hands and Feet.Apart from traditional significance, Henna is also use for its cooling therapeutic effect.The art is now turning into business and Mehndi Designers now call as Mehndi artist and so today She-styles brings gorgeous and beautiful Arabic Mehndi designs to promote Mehndi Art.
On a broad basis there are two kinds of Mehndi Designs,Arabic and Indian.Indian Designs are more intricate consists on fine work and fills your entire palm.Indian patterns are Peacock, musical instruments,
Mangoes, Flower and most common figures are part of Indian Mehndi Patterns.Bridal Indian Mehndi design extends up-to the Elbow or even higher to shoulder and no part of hand left blank.
Arabic designs are Bolder and there is not much intricacy and drawn in large outlines and iner space is filled with lines and dots.Flowers, Paisley pattern, are most common in Arabic Mehndi.Arabic design not cover entire hand and some part of the hands left blank and blank space highlight the bold Mehndi Designs which is the beauty of Arabic art. and mostly girls apply Arabic Mehndi for festival or functions.Lets Check out the Indo-Arabic or Captivating Mehndi Designs.
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