Friday, December 14, 2012

Ajay Devgan & Narendra Modi on Google+ Hangout

Check out video Ajay Devgan hosting Narendra Modi's Google Plus Hangout Event.

In another initiative Shri Narendra Modi Ji, CM of Gujarat State, did a live hangout with G+ users across the world and answered their questions which were submitted as a run to this event. Discussed ranged from Green Energy, Girl Child education, Role of youth in politics. There were a couple of fun question inquiring about his sleeping and dietary habits.


The entire event handled by bollywood well know film actor Ajay Devgan. Ajay Devgan host the entire event. Here is the video of that google plus hangout event of Narendra Modi and Ajay Devgan. Check out in this video bollywood Superstar Ajay Devgan with Gujarat's CM and Future PM of 2014 Shree Narendra Modi. The video chat event was held on 31 August.


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