Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hinash Jodhpor Formal Wear Collection | Jodhpur Long Shirt in Pishwas

Hinash Jodhpor Formal Wear Collection
Fashion Industry has number of top class Brands and Hinash is a Designer name one of them.Hinash Owner Hina Salman is new name in Industry based in Lahore.Hinash Design Formal Dresses In ethnic,Classy and even Contemporary style.Hina Salman is Diploma Holder From NCA ( National Collage of Arts ).Hinash Pret Line Bring new Ideas in Recent Hinash Jodhpor Formal Wear Collection.
This Pret Line Brought Mughal miniature in-front of Public by launching Jodhpur Long Shirt in Pishwas patterns.Hinash Wide Range of Exclusive Designer Dresses covers pure cottons, khaddars and embroidered fabric in Cultural Dresses for Formal and Semi-Formal with Quality detailing.Hinash Become Famous after Launching  this Hinash Jodhpor Formal Wear Collection and again Showcased Hinash New Arrivals for Eid season,Both Collection include amazing and pretty designer dresses having formal Designs.Hinash also deal in Semi Formal and Bridal dresses.This Entire Collection is based around the Long Pishwas style Frocks with the combination of Pencil Trousers.The color scheme and the Embroidery shades are purely according to Mughal Fashion which Look Marvelous.Lets have a deep look to the Entire Mughal Selection.

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